Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Competition is a Coming!!

Uhhhhhhm, I guess it's been a while since I have posted anything. Sorry about that, I really do enjoy writing about competitive eating and especially like sharing when people are interested in hearing. I've been in several contests since my last post: maybe I can wrap those up for you in brevity in my next post. But first I wanted to let it be known what is coming up for me.

This weekend I'm traveling to the bay area to eat Hooters wings and celebrate Joey Chestnut's epic ending to a college career that almost lasted a decade. I kid because I care Joey; no matter how long, at what age, or from what institution, a college degree is a priceless accomplishment.

Next, in the first full week of June, I'll be embarking on a 3-city competition extravaganza. I'll be returning to Chicago for the 3rd straight year for Rib Fest on June 8 - one day after my 34th birthday and two days after Chicagoan Pat Bertoletti turns like 23 or something virginic like that. Word is, I'll be working that Friday night as well on the Glutton Force Five MERV mobile wearing something horrifying and ridiculous.

On Saturday morning, I hope to dust off any previous night remnants and catch my 7am flight to Phoenix. I will be aiming to 4-peat as the regional Nathan's Hot Dog Eating champ and punch my 7th straight ticket to the finals at Coney Island on the 4th of July. You all know about that one.

After hopping up to Tucson (guess that makes 4 cities) and saying hello to my Grams, I'll be flying back to Seattle early Sunday morning to compete in the West Seattle Golf Club Championship, playing 36-holes on Sunday and aiming to qualify for the final 16 matchplay. I've been retooling my golf game considerably lately and I plan to play in a handful of very competitive Amateur events throughout the summer.

Check back soon for results.

Here is a dumb picture of me in a shirt that's too tight

And for good luck, here is a picture of a Monk waiting for the Bangkok subway

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jimmy Johns Sandwich Makers vs MLE Eaters 7/17/10

Videos from yesterday's contest at the Bite of Seattle. The contest was 5 minutes and the format was three freaky fast Jimmy Johns sandwich makers versus three major league eaters, Joey Chestnut, myself, and Ben Monson to see who was faster - the makers or the eaters. The makers won by 1 22-21, the sandwich makers are 10-0 in the series now - this one was the closest (possibly tied with the last event in Chicago in 2009 with Bertoletti, Hunt, and Gravy)

Video of intros for me and Joey Chestnut. This is the first MLE contest in Seattle in 5 years and the first since I have been eating. We were in the shadow of the space needle where the Seattle Sonics used to play and I wanted to pay hommage to our former team that was wrongfully taken from us (Gary Payton Jersey):

Video of the entire contest:

Friday, July 16, 2010

Q13 Fox TV - Jimmy Johns Promo 7/16/10

Video of today's morning news appearance with Q13 Fox anchor Mark Wright (great guy) promoting this weekend's Jimmy Johns contest at the Bite of Seattle @2:00 pm.


Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Championship July 4, 2010

Just in case you have not gotten the full results...

Coney Island, NY - 10 minute contest:

1 - Joey "Jaws" Chestnut - 54 HDB's
2 - Tim "Eater X" Janus - 45
3 - Pat "Deep Dish" Bertoletti - 37
4 - Sonya the Black Widow Thomas - 36
5 - Notorious B.O.B. Shoudt - 34
6 - Erik the Red Denmark - 32
7 - Tim "Gravy" Brown - 31
8 - Allen Shredder Goldstein - 28
9T - Ben Monson - 27
9T - Juliet Lee - 27
11 - Sean "Flash" Gordon - 26.5
12T - Eric Badlands Booker - 24
12T - "Pretty Boy" Pete Davekos - 24
14 - Crazy Legs Conti - 20
15 - Bryan "Big Sexy" Beard - 15.5
16 - Kristopher Adams - 11

I will update with my complete recap, thoughts, pics and vids from the event in the next day or so (just got home) so check back.

Monday, June 14, 2010

*photo courtesy of Val bromann (http://sillyamerica.com)

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Road to Nathan's is Here

The MLE competitive eating circuit is busy almost year round now, which is great to see; contests popping up almost weekly in regions throughout the United States. The prize money structure for contests in the past 12 months has seemed to be more evenly spread out between all paid spots, which has kept many eaters 1-25 involved and winning prize money. The huge top prize purse contests have been few and far between, which from a selfish perspective has been refreshing. Of course, I am not thrilled to have to settle for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place money all of the time, I want to win the big prize. I am straving for a victory, in fact. My last win on the circuit was almost a year ago at the Tempe, AZ Nathan's qualifier. I have not won a non-qualifier contest in 2.5 years when I won the Spike TV hard boiled egg contest in October, 2007 with 61 in 8 minutes. I have to get at least one non-qualifier win this year or no matter what, it will be a failure.

That being said, it's Nathan's season and it's time to win a qualifier. This is probably the most exciting time of the year in Competitive Eating for me. I am looking forward to each coming weekend with anticipation to see what numbers people are putting up this year. The culmination and build up to the 4th makes the final contest what it is. I myself think that my performance in Nathan's contests has in a large part shaped my career. I have won my last 4 qualifier attempts with totals of 22 ('06), 26.5 ('07), 24 ('08), and 28 ('09). And my totals in the finals have been 22, 23, 28, and 38 respectively. The trend is going up for me, last year was a leap forward in the finals and I know I am capbale of more.

My Nathan's qualifier schedule for this year will be Tempe, AZ on June 5, Charlotte, NC on June 19 (if I don't win in Tempe), and San Diego, CA on June 26 (if I fail to win in Tempe or NC). Let's get it on, the road to Nathan's!!

If you need some motivation, listen to my 2009 single, the Internet sensation and what was deemed by some who have no musical genre credibility as Electronic EMO - "Surf and Stillwell"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Bacon Record Attempt for Charity at "the Bacathlon"

J&D foods , the creaters of Bacon Salt and Baconnaise are based in Seattle and are putting on a bacon themed event on Thursday, November 19th at Heaven Nightclub in Seattle. All of the proceeds from the event will go to Ashley's Team in support of chilren and families of childhood cancer patients. Deemed "the Bacathlon", the fundraiser will include several competitions involving bacon, which I and other Seattle dignitaries will be participating in as well as the main event in which I will be attempting to set a new record for the most amount of bacon ever eaten.

All are welcome to attend, the event is open to the public, here is the event flier:

There will be a lot of local media coverage at the event and I feel good about the liklihood that we will raise a lot of money for Ashley's Team.

Link to today's article in the

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Championship 7/4/09

Nathan's Famous Hot Dog eating Contest - Coney Island, NY
10 Minute contest
Complete Results:

1st: Joey Jaws Chestnut - 68 HDBs
2nd: Takeru theTsunami Kobayashi - 64 1/2
3rd: Tony Clifton (Pat Bertoletti) - 55
4th: Tim Eater X Janus - 53
5th: Humble Bob Shoudt - 41 3/4
6th: Sonya the Black Widow Thomas - 41
7th: Hall Hoover Hunt - 38.5
8th: Erik the Red Denmark - 38
9th: Juliet Lovely Lee - 34
T-10th: Tim Gravy Brown - 30
T-10th: Eric Badlands Booker - 30
12th: Buffalo Jim Reeves - 28.5
T-13th: Crazy Legs Conti - 25
T-13th: Pete Pretty Boy Davekos - 25
T-13th: Sean Flash Gordon - 25
16th: Marco Mongo Marquez - 23
17th: Micah Wing Kong Collins - 21
T-18th: Franco Camerini - 14
T-18th: Bob Coccodrilli - 14
Rich LeFevre wasn't able to compete due to illness

Joey was able to three-peat by putting up a personal best and destroying last year's record of 59 in 10 minutes. I think this was the perfect day for Joey, the conditions could not have been better for eating in NY. The weather was warm around 75-80 but the humidity was very low almost non-existent and on top of that there was a slight refreshing breeze coming off the water. This was the first year since I have been in the finals that the hot dogs (meat) were actually warm, I think a lot of credit goes to Randy at Nathan's for paying attention to the conditions this year. The buns had been out in the sun for probably over 30 minutes so they did dry out a bit but despite that it seemed like when I dipped the buns they sort of disentigrated and went down with ease. The combination of weather and hot dog conditions created the perfect storm for huge numbers to be put up. I think 68 will be a really hard number to beat.

I had my best day ever as a competitive eater. I surpassed my own expectations on the 4th. I had a realistic goal of between 32-35, I was confident I could hit those numbers - I had a best case scenario goal of eating 37 or more. So, when I shoved number 38 in the last few seconds of the conteset, I was satisfied. Probably more satisfied than I have been since eating 22 HDB's in my first qualifier win at Coney Island back in 2006 to make it to the finals for the first time. Maybe standing next to Tony Clifton (Bertoletti) who also had an awesome day putting up 55 helped me out as well to keep a faster pace. Of course, after seeing how well everyone else did in the top 8 and ultimately not realizing my goal of finishing in the top 5, I later became a bit less satisfied but still happy with 38.

After watching the re-broadcast I noticed ESPN only kept a running total of the top 3. It seems like everyone I talk to says the same thing - they want to see everyone's totals and they want to know where everyone finishes not just the top 2 or 3. I can't control what ESPN does or doesn't decide to show but I do think it should be spread around a bit more than it is. This year it was Gravy and Juliet getting a lot of attention as they will be featured in a Bio-Channel special tonight "I'm a Major League Eater" and it looks entertaining. I think it is easy especially on the 4th to get a bit carried away with the attention and not focus on the eating enough but well it is entertaining. Everyone in the top 9 put up their personal best on the 4th. I increased my PB by 10 hot dogs; more than anyone else I believe for the second year in a row.

It was very unfortunate that the legend Rich LeFevre did not compete. He seemed to not be doing well the whole weekend and I am not sure what the future will hold for Rich as far as competing. If the time is now for him to retire it will truly be a sad day for me and competitive eating as a whole. He is truly one of the greatest of all time and has always been gracious and classy while being a fiesty competitor at the table and one that I have the utmost respect for.

I have a lot of pics I will be posting later on but right now I am headed down to Lincoln City for the Chinnok Winds BBQ contest on Sunday. Cheers.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Surf and Stillwell" - Song by Erik the Red

CLICK HERE to listen to "Surf and Stillwell"

Copyright lyrics and vocals - Erik the Red Denmark
Produced by - Nick Peets (http://www.nickpeets.com/)

*redistribution is not authorized unless of course you want to

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Qualifier Tempe,AZ 5/30/09

Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Contest Qualifier Tempe, AZ results:

10 minute contest

1 - Erik the Red Denmark - 28 HDB's (wins seat at final table on July 4th)
2 - Bryan "Big Sexy" Beard - 14 HDB's
3 - Jin Daikoku - 13 HDB's

This is the 4th year in a row I have qualified for the biggest eating spectacle in the world. I am psyched to be back. Preparation for qualifying is always more stressful than preparing for the finals for me. It seems though that qualifying has gotten easier each of the passed three years. I have now won 4 consecutive Nathan's qualifiers after losing my first three in 2006. I think there were some other ranked eaters originally signed up to compete in Tempe but as other spots opened up and the whole qualifying scene has started to take shape, eaters who are fighting for a spot to get in are going to other qualifiers.

Even though there were no other ranked eaters in Tempe on Saturday I was still shaking with anticipation and nerves before the contest. The Arizona Mills Mall venue has been a stalwart on the Nathan's circuit for many years and the crowd that shows up is always large, loyal, and loud. In 2006, I attended the Arizona Mills Mall qualifier as my second attempt that year and I ended up eating a personal best 19 hdb's in 12 minutes. Rich LeFevre killed me on that day eating 28, which at that time seemed an unreachable number for me. I was supremely satisfied however with improving from 13.5 in my first qualifier to 19 in my 2nd and that really was the contest that removed a lot of my doubts and gave me confidence that I could be a top contender on the competitive eating circuit. It was also the first contest that I wore the red head band that I wear today - you could say that this was the place that my competitive eating career was truly born.

I had all of those good memories running through my mind and I had high expectations for myself for this contest which made me very anxious before the start. I knew I would have to push myself in the first 3 minutes if I wanted to achieve my goal of eating beyond 30 for the first time and I just could not relax to get myself in to a confident and comfortable zone. Needless to say I got off to a horrible start and there was nobody around me to push against so I got way off pace. The only thing that really helped me finally focus and get rid of the anxiety I was feeling (ironically) in the competition was realizing that I was so far behind my pace after the first 4 minutes that if I didn't start going for broke, I would be embarrassing myself. I ended up finishing pretty strong so as not to embarrass myself. It took me about seven minutes to get through 20 dogs and I got 8 down in the last three minutes which is a good ending pace for me.

I know that there is no way I can have that slow starting pace on July 4th if I want to break through and finish high in the top ten. But all in all I am glad that I at least tied my PR and I can still skate a bit under the radar and surprise some people on the 4th. Sometimes it does you no good to set up such high expectations because once people know you can do something in competitive eating, they expect it and for some reason seem to stop respecting the huge numbers you put up. Eater X ate 50 hot dogs a couple weeks back which is AMAZING - his progression over the years has been astounding and I don't think he got enough press or coverage for that accomplishment. Hall Hunt put up 33 this week (and 34.5 last year) as well which is huge - watching his improvement over the last two years has been awesome. Everyone ends up being labeled or labeling themselves with a number in CE. That number seems to either haunt you or motivate you and it definitely follows you where ever you go. Right now, number 28 is following me and I expect to dump that number and leave it for good coming this July 4th. In fact, in my mind I have already left you 28 - you are nothing to me anymore.

Video of first 8 minutes or so of contest:

Part 2 - Click Here to watch video of the last 30 seconds or so
Click Here for some more of my pics
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